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I-Form Ink Publishing was established in Palm Desert, California, in 2006, by its President, John H. Hacker. After co-writing a book that was published by McGraw Hill, Hacker at the age of 66 established his own publishing company for future books.

Hacker’s first publication was Getting Older is Not for Wimps, later republished under the title Laughing at Growing Old. The humorous book was well-received and Hacker was inspired to move forward. A Civil Engineer, he wrote and published Be Cool Despite Global Warming describing how to make your home more energy efficient with simple do-it-yourself details. To combat global warming, the book also addresses alternate building materials including steel framing, recycled materials, and alternative wood products. Due to these efforts, Hacker received national awards from HUD, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), and The Angel Network Award from Oprah Winfrey for his pro-bono contributions to energy efficient construction for Habitat for Humanity.

I-Form Ink Publishing went on to publish several other books by various authors. One of the books written by author Julie A. Gorges, I’m Your Daughter, Julie: Caring for a Parent with Dementia, won an international literary award. Hacker hopes that her latest book to be released in 2024, Live Your Dream Writing in Retirement will inspire other older ones to discover the joy that writing can bring.